Soda Can Stars Curtain/Wall Drapery Tutorial

If you are interested with making beautiful yet ingenuine designs, well look no further as we introduce to you the step by step of making star-designed draperies with recycled soda cans. These simple yet eloquent piece is a perfect fit as a wall decor, or even a curtain, if time is not your problem.

Creative Wall Clock Arts

One of the oldest human inventions was the clock, it often serves as a wall-decoration not to mention it's telling the exact time too. Below are the recycled clock designs that will look good on any wall in your home.

Bike Wheel

Recycled Magazines

Old Turntable

Aluminum Hubcap

Big Bike Wheel 

Magnetic Tape Reel

Circuit Board

Shotgun Shells

Computer Keyboard

Recycling Plastic Milk Crates

Old plastic milk crates can be recycled into a new ones because they are very durable, they can last for more that hundreds of years to decompose if landed on a landfill. Therefore less energy and fewer resources are needed to make more of them. Here are a few things to make out of your old milk crates; You can turn them into an artwork, make furniture and storage, or even sell or offer be given for free to your nearby grocery and convenience stores.

 Modular Shelving System

 Clever Console


Ingenious Wall Storage Shelf

 Living Pavilion Shelter




 Single Shelves


 Center table and Chair

Portable Farm

Recycling Old T-Shirt into a Scarf

T-shirts have a lifespan, they don’t last forever, they stretch, they fade, they get stained, and sometimes the tees stay the same but the owner changes size, or just changes their taste. So what do you do with a t-shirt when you don’t want to wear it anymore? (and you don’t want to give them to charity for whatever reason). Simply recycle your old T-shirt into something new like a fashionable scarf.

Spaghetti Knit Scarf

Fringe Scarves

Two Toned Braid Scarf

Fabulous No-Sew Ruffle Scarf

Ombre Infinity Scarf

Combines Braided, Spaghetti and Fringe-Like Styles

Braided, Double Layer Scarf

Ringlet T-Shirt Scarf

Spaghetti Scarf

Recycled Wine Cork

What do you do with that cork you just popped out of a wine bottle? Most likely you throw it away. Cork is a renewable crop; cork tree barks grow back nine years after harvest. Why not keep the cycle going with used corks? We all pop more than 13 billion corks every year. So here are some uses of thrown out cork.

Cork Pot Holder

Cork Chair

Bath Mat


Reclaimed Flooring

Pot Holder

Cork Bat Mat

Cork Chair

Recycled Wine Cork Stopper Stool Set

Cork Planter

Cork Art

Recycle Office Furniture

Wine Corks to Give a Plain Basket a New Life

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